Campus Council is an organization unlike any other on campus, much because of its membership. Council has representatives from all areas of the college community who are charged with bringing up your concerns and reporting Council actions back to you.

Your representatives:

Student Members:
Ben Taylor (at large rep and Chair of Campus Council)
Diego Arellano (at large rep)
Giorgio Tramonto (selective organizations rep)
Jack Johanning (service and civic engagement rep)
Jahqwahn Watson (racial and sexual diversity rep)
Lillian Shepherd (gender and sexual diversity rep)
Myo Paing Han (international diversity rep)
Spencer Gilbert (at large rep)
Theresa Spadola (at large rep)

Jim Hartman
Mark Christel
Megan Wereley

Angela Johnston, Chief of Staff and Secretary of the College (VPFB designee)
Carolyn Buxton, Interim Dean of Students
Carolyn Newton, Provost

Tom Lockard, staff representative
Jon Breitenbucher, Lowry Center Representative

Non-voting members:
Paula Akins, Secretary
Georgia Nugent, Interim President