Campus Council is an organization unlike any other on campus, much because of its membership. Council has representatives from all areas of the college community who are charged with bringing up your concerns and reporting Council actions back to you.

Your representatives:

Student Members:
Christian Betre (International Diversity Rep.)
Robert Dinkins (Vice Chair, At-large Rep.)
Robin Emmons (Selective Organization Rep.)
Halen Gifford (Service and Civic Engagement Rep.)
Matthew Hartzell (At-Large Rep.)
Stachal Harris (Racial and Ethnic Diversity Rep.)
Annabelle Hopkins (Chair, At-large Rep.)
Myra Praml (Gender and Sexual Diversity Rep.)
Nick Shiach (At-large Rep.)

Jim Burnell
Niklas Manz
Megan Wereley


Scott Brown, Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Angela Johnston, Chief of Staff and Secretary of the College (Presidential Designee)
Carolyn Newton, Provost

Becky Fryberger, Staff representative
Angela Sponsler, Staff representative
Julia Zimmer, Staff representative

Non-voting members:
Sarah Bolton, President
Darlene Piper, Campus Council Secretary